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Social Security Workshops

Social Security Workshops

At or Near Retirement?

When preparing for retirement it is important to coordinate your Social Security claiming strategy with your overall retirement income strategy. Choosing the right benefits at the right time is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Before you file for your Social Security Benefits, Consider attending one of our educational events below.


Join us for these Complimentary Social Security Benefits Workshops!

***No charge to attend***

Seating is Limited. RSVP Today.


Here’s What You Will Learn At Our Workshops!


* The Social Security Penalty and how to avoid it.

* How delaying your Benefits can mean up to 32% more money in your pocket.

* Spousal Benefits—How they are calculated and how to use them to your advantage.

* How to collect off your ex-spouse’s benefits, or even a deceased ex-spouse’s benefits

* How to plan your Social Security decision in conjunction with other retirement assets.

* Strategies that may minimize taxation on your Social Security Benefits.

* Strategies to maximize your Social Security Benefits.

* The 5 Most Common Risk Factors In Retirement 

* Answers To The Most Frequently-Asked Questions On Social Security


NOTE: This presentation is strictly Informational. No investments will be promoted. You cannot BUY products at this event.


Locations and Times:

Register Below Today!

Or Call 972-704-3017 to reserve your seat.

NOTE: These workshops do not cover Social Security Disability.


Bonuses To All Attendees:


Bonus #1 : Complimentary Social Security Benefits Analysis

We will customize a Social Security analysis based on your individual needs. All attendees will also receive the most up-to-date Social Security filing rules at this event.


Bonus #2: Complimentary Retirement Income Analysis

All attendees will receive a customized Retirement Income plan, including Healthcare options in retirement.


NOTE: These events are for informational purposes only. America’s Retirement Income is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration. For more information on Social Security, visit their website at