Create Your Retirement Income Plan in 4 Easy Steps
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Who Are You?…In Retirement™

The 4-Step Retirement Income Plan That Meets Your Needs,

NOT Your Broker’s..


Who Are You In Retirement™ - Creating The Retirement Income Plan That Meets You, Not Your Broker

Download Your Workbook

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Next: Print Your Workbook & Follow Each Step Below

To Create Your Custom Retirement Income Plan


Step #1

Who Are You?…In Retirement™

Will you travel? Be a Caregiver? Will you Start a business? Maybe you will work part-time?

Who Are You In Retirement?


Step #2

Monthly Income Needs

How much income will you need to pay your monthly expenses, (mortgage, utilities), including leisure?

Monthly Income To Pay Expenses

Step #3

 Guarantees vs. The “Maybes”

Guaranteed Income, (pensions, savings, Social Security), or “Maybe” Income (investments, 401ks, IRAs)?

Guaranteed Income vs. At-Risk Income

Step #4

Dosage Of Risk In Retirement

What is your “dosage” of risk in the remaining buckets to offset rising health care costs, and inflation?

What is your dosage of risk in retirement


Retirement Income Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



How do I get started?

You can get started in several ways. To order your Who Are You?…In Retirement™ booklet, you can;

1. Click on the Image above to download and print your workbook.

2. Contact us directly at 972-704-3017 and ask for your booklet to get started.


What items will I need to create my retirement income plan?

You will need the following items to create your custom retirement income plan:

1. Who Are You?…In Retirement™ booklet. (filled out)

2. Most recent statement from Social Security to see if you can maximize your benefits. You can get this at

3. Most recent investment statements including workplace retirement plans, pension documents, IRAs and personal investment accounts.

4. Most recent tax returns to understand your tax filings.

Additional documentation may be needed, based upon your particular situation.


Can I just have a phone consultation to start with?

We recommend having an initial phone consultation to see if Retirement Income planning makes sense for your particular situation. There is no cost for this consultation, and it gives us a convenient way to get acquainted. You may reach us at 972-704-3017.